The Solution Is In The Hospitality

A glimmer of light, a very small glow, may be appearing at the end of the illegal immigration tunnel.

A Minister was reported to have said that “the British public should not have to accept illegal immigrants being hosted in 4-star hotels.”

Another, or perhaps the same one said, after a number of illegal immigrants supposedly declined the offered accommodation, that continued refusal would result in them “fending for themselves”

There are some oddities with these stories that make one think that perhaps someone else with financial gain in mind is jerking the strings of the hapless immigrants.

An illegal immigrant has come from somewhere that, or so we are led to believe, has as its main attraction conditions that do not allow acceptable living conditions for those who live there.

Why then, when offered a temporary alternative in what is basically a floating hotel, would you decline this offer?

The answer will probably lie in the multitudes of self-proclaimed do-gooders busy being offended on behalf of those who probably don’t care and just want somewhere to stay.

The do-gooders aside and given that the general public are getting a little miffed at all this preferential treatment and access to things like dentists and the NHS the answer to the problem may just lie in the treatment they receive.

Anyone entering this country who is not actually a British National or have a right to be here should all be treated the same.

Someone entering via any nefarious means should be welcomed with open arms, given a cup of tea and pointed in the general direction of inland England.

But only after a brief welcome speech pointing out that they can stay anywhere they can afford and will have no access to any public funds or amenities. Of course that would all change once they have applied for and received a visa and of course paid the £3,120.00 to the NHS prior to any treatment.

As with anyone coming to England, they will not be able to work until they have some sort of a visa entitling them to do so.

In order to ensure they do not mistakenly commit any illegal deed, such as work, some of the current £6 million spent daily could be used to check that British companies are not employing anyone without the right to work.

Reasonably simple.

Basically, the Government needs to stop treating the symptom and start treating the cause.

And in an unfortunately related topic, inspectors recently declared a migrant detention centre as being “inhuman.” Nothing wrong with ensuring people who really shouldn’t be in the country do not live in inhuman conditions if, in fact, the conditions are as described.

However, the article then continued with a description of the inhuman conditions.

Turns out that this woman-only centre set in the middle of picturesque county Durham …

  • Does not have its own hair salon
  • A private GP only visits twice a week.
  • It is a long drive from the south-east which left the illegal immigrants tired, stressed and disorientated
  • The wifi signal is slow.
  • The mobile signal is unreliable.

The Home Office have been advised to reconsider its suitability.

You have to wonder what illegal immigrants are leaving behind that makes conditions in England so unacceptable?

Perhaps the immigrants themselves should be asked and those busy being offended on their behalf should go off and do something really useful like save the Nation’s village pubs!

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